Body-Centered Coaching

Learn Body-Centered Coaching, 12.75 ICF CCEU's


Are you ready to take your coaching to a whole new level of excellence?


As coaches, and other helping professionals, we are life-long learners and always looking for new ways to bring value to our clients.


Including the body in the conversation is a powerful way to help our clients get to the heart of the matter with greater speed and clarity.


Knowing this, I have studied Marlena Field’s body-centered coaching methodology and incorporated it into my work with my clients. I know there’s something more, something deeper, that has the potential to change how your clients experience life, on every level.


Now certified by Marlena as a body-centered coach, I am privileged to expand her work through teaching body-centered coaching methods.


It's time to get the body involved – to engage your clients' whole selves in the coaching process. You can help your clients shed their limiting beliefs, make decisions they will commit to, and develop embodied resources that will give them greater confidence, resilience and presence.


You will learn and experience powerful tools to assist your client to move beyond non-resourceful thinking




Module One:

In Moving Beyond Limits, your clients will learn to:

  • Transform disempowering beliefs
  • Untangle fused beliefs
  • Move beyond fear and anxiety


Module Two:

In Making Decisions, they will discover how to:

  • Access body wisdom and clarity
  • "Try on” decision for increased commitment
  • Create meaningful, sustainable change


Module Three:

In Embodied Resources, they will:

  • Access deeper internal resources
  • Build resilience and emotional capacity
  • Leverage subtle body cues and messages


The Body-Centered Coaching Tele-trainings are an experience that will increase your confidence to include the body in the conversation. 



When you register you will receive all of the information you need:


  • Body-Centered Coaching: Beyond Limits E-book  (82 pages)
  • 3 powerful techniques in each module
  • A client story for each technique
  • 2 demonstration audios for each of the techniques
  • Summary pages to be used as quick guidelines when coaching with a client


How I will help you learn and develop these valuable skills:


  • An introduction to the skill
  • Personal application of the skill
  • A demonstration of the skill
  • Feedback, discussion
  • Zoom recordings if you would miss a class 



"I’ve had previous exposure to Body Centered Coaching. I responded to a call within me to return for a refresher and more. The experience with Nina was and will continue to be extremely insightful and useful to me as a human being and as an executive and team coach. Thank you Nina for making this investment even more beneficial than I anticipated."


~ Colin Holbrow MNRM, CPCC, PCC

   The Holbrow Group



"Nina embodied the very process she trains and coaches.  I appreciated her very skilled and calm facilitation and giving us first hand-experience of accessing our body wisdom in our own decision making.  I am a proponent and already have found opportunities to apply it with my clients!  Thank you for making it so interesting, simple, and powerful!"


~ Nancy McCaughey



"Nina demonstrated professionalism, passion, and deep care to all participants in leading the Body-Centered Coaching Tele-training. I recommend her sessions to everyone who is interested in body-centered coaching."


~ K.S. - Professional Coach from Japan


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Continuing Coaching Education Units (CCEUs)

And…to enhance your training, I am available for 1-on-1 coaching at a reduced rate to give you the opportunity to experience the integrated body-centered approach in more depth. This offer applies during, and for one month after the tele-training.


Register for the Body-Centered Coaching Training with the possibility to re-take a refresher training at NO ADDITIONAL COST! This will allow you to come back at any time the Body-Centered Coaching Training is offered in the same format, to refresh, go deeper and receive new CCEU credits.



Approved by the International Coach Federation:

12.75 CCEUs for all 3 modules (8.5 Core Competencies and 4.25 Resource Developement)

About Your Certified BCC Trainer Nina Mioen: 

Nina, who is Swedish and currently lives in Texas, is an international coach with a Bachelor in Business Administration and Marketing from Uppsala University in Sweden and a University DIploma in Psychology from Stockholm University. A devoted mom of three sons, Nina did her coach training in the United States. Her love for body-centered coaching is palpable. Nina brings self-awareness, insight and clarity to her clients in a gentle and caring way. Her unique ability to work seamlessly within two cultures, incorporating body-centered coaching, is a gift to her clients and to the world. Read more about Nina here.

Email for any questions, or if you would like to speak to Nina in person.