"Nina - it was serendipity timing for me finding out about the course when it was about to start, as I had been looking for more knowledge and skills in this powerful area of coaching. The course information and delivery did not disappoint and Nina's inclusive style and expertise in the area were both great to learn from and encouraging. The mini coach sessions both for individuals and for the group were great to gain from both for personal insights and for client application.

- www.limitsandchoicescoaching.com


"Coming from a counseling background, this course has been very valuable to me. I have gained a better understanding of body-centered coaching and how it can be applied in many different ways and settings. I have truly enjoyed being a participant in Nina's training program. Her knowledge coupled with her warmth and compassion shines through in everything she does. After every "meeting" I have come away being even more curious and wanting to learn more. I have gained a deeper sense on how to better support my clients in reconnecting with their bodies and minds. I highly recommend this course."

- Past participant Body-Centered Coaching Training Series

"Working with Nina is most interesting and nourishing; the clarity and humanness of her teaching style has made the training really pleasurable and enriching." Also the simple elegance of BCC techniques, super practical and easy to use from the very outset have beautifully expanded my skills as a therapist. I am very grateful for this opportunity, thanks so much Nina!"

- Ana Barea


"The body-centered coaching training is a hidden jewel in the coaching toolbox. It's rich and full of resources how to access the body in a 360 dimension. Nina has this incredible energy to hold the space, and to honor the silence which helped me to deepen my learning about the program and to trust and claim my body's wisdom."

- Ghada Khalifeh


"Not only did I learn first-hand several immediately applicable coaching techniques, I also am grateful for my own movement forward by experciencing being coached myself. It is clear that Body-Centered Coaching is powerful."

- Ardith Bowman


“Nina demonstrated professionalism, passion, and deep care to all participants in leading the Body-Centered Coaching Tele-training. I recommend her sessions to everyone who is interested in body-centered coaching.”

~ K.S. - Professional Coach from Japan

“I knew about body-centered coaching before this course. What I found…that body-centered coaching is quite powerful. It can take a moment in time and create a connections that clears a path to AHA moments. Nina led the way to a deeper connection with myself that is helping me to share the same experience with others. As a speaker who needs to quickly get the audience engaged with themselves and me, these body-centered tools will help me achieve the that goal. Thank you Nina.”


~ Sue Bock



“The Body-Centered Coaching class with Nina was extremely interesting. It provided me with a variety of Body-Centered Coaching techniques to use with my clients in the different types of coaching in which I engage (Business, Career, and ADHD). Nina is a wonderful instructor who brings solid insights into the techniques and how they can be used with clients. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in learning more about Body-Centered Coaching.”


~ Nora Misiolek

   Professional Certified Life Coach

“I’ve had previous exposure to Body Centered Coaching. I responded to a call within me to return for a refresher and more. The experience with Nina was and will continue to be extremely insightful and useful to me as a human being and as an executive and team coach. Thank you Nina for making this investment even more beneficial than I anticipated.”


~ Colin Holbrow MNRM, CPCC, PCC

   The Holbrow Group


“Nina embodied the very process she trains and coaches.  I appreciated her very skilled and calm facilitation and giving us first hand-experience of accessing our body wisdom in our own decision making.  I am a proponent and already have found opportunities to apply it with my clients!  Thank you for making it so interesting, simple, and powerful!”


~ Nancy McCaughey



“I recently took the Body Centered Coaching tele-class series with Nina and found it to be a rich and informative experience. With Nina as my guide I was able to have an understanding of how to coach and be there for my clients. I highly recommend the program. Thank you Nina.”


~ Lori Folkins

“Nina has been like a Godsend to me. Going through change, even change that we consciously choose to make can be very turbulent and scary at times. Nina stands solid, calm and as a reminder of hope when the world feels rocky and I’m about to give up. In those times of rockiness, and we’ve been through a few of them now, Nina is like the lighthouse which serves as a silent beacon to ships in storm.

Wait! She’s even more than that because even when I’m half sunk and going down, and I can no longer see the lighthouse, Nina helps me feel and find it ~ from within. Sometimes she asks gentle but powerful questions that help me see my situation from another perspective, so that I can reclaim my power of creative choice in a situation. Other times, she invites me to connect with my body and then calmly and quietly holds the space so I can more deeply feel and honor where I truly am. More often than not, Nina’s coaching helps me not only see the value of where I am ( even when it feels awful!)  but she also helps me access my knowing and my wisdom from within. Nina teaches me, again and again, that no matter where I am, I am my own lighthouse in the storm.  I’m not sure where the lighthouse metaphor goes from here, but I’m thinking that maybe Nina is a star of trust and faith that shines so bright in the darkest of dark nights, that it turns on my inner lighthouse. My gratitude to you, Nina is as big as the sky, and my appreciation of you ocean deep.”

~ Sue Pearson, Life Coach, MSW, PCC


“Nina has been my career coach for over a year. To me, success is much more than a big bank account, which Nina has really succeeded in listening to. Getting together the career and personal life is challenging for many, so even for me. Nina manages to combine many tools of coaching with her ​​own life experiences and together with her curiosity and professional manner; she guides me to find the keys to my own growth and happiness. Nina is a humble, sensitive coach where joy and harmony is at the center without dodging the tough questions that lead to success. THANK YOU Nina for coming my way!”


~ Christina Svärding, Founder YogiYogini 

Nina Mioen provides very effective coaching for me. I just love her easily yet powerful flow that’s so supportive with the right amount of challenge compelling me forward. With her body centered coaching, I love how we can go deep quickly acknowledging how my feelings are driving my actions and then I’m able to shift that into more leveraged action to get better results. I always love how Nina brings awareness with the right questions to my perspective in ways that I had not considered… surprising me. Nina’s mentor coaching has brought great results for me as well and we co-created a unique way to work together that help me expand my ICF Competencies knowledge and skills. In her unique style helped me to be more confident and discern what I already knew but was just not aware I did. This was a very empowering experience for me! I highly recommend Nina for mentor and body centered coaching for a fun and rewarding experience helping me get the results that are important to me.


~ Phyllis Washington, ACC, CVCC, Certified Business Coach for Small to Mid-Size Business Owners, Chiropractors and Non-Profit Leaders

Nina Miöen - International Personal Development Coach - PCC, CVCC, CBCC

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